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Holy Hell


Cult documentary made by a cult member who attended film school. Lots of footage of cult members in their most ecstatic moments. (sigh).

Lessons: Don't join a cult. Don't associate with cult members. Yoga can be a gateway to cults, particularly if love and hugging is a part of hte practice.

Individual have the right to cede control to another. Making life choices is hard!

Mind control is such a sinister word, as is brainwashing. Emotional manipulation feels more accurate. "Love" is what keeps abuse victims tied to their abuser. The sense of community is the bargain for tolerating the abuse.

There's no easy explanation for these dynamics. What's bizarre is the length of time committed to this cult. This devotion almost made it appear like a marriage.

Saddest part is the filmmaker's parents. No one listens to their parents. Also, seeing everyone age. It's one thing to join a cult in your "gap" year. Quite another to be the last one on the boat.

Final lesson: Don't join a cult. Want endless love? Adopt a pet.

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