Anthony Torres

Synthesizer Sound System

Original Synth


"Joy" is the word I use to describe turning knobs on a synthesizer.

I'm learning by playing. Introduced by a real human. Understanding enough to let go of holding onto the sound. Other instruments have defined notes, chords, and tunings. There are predictable as skill level grows.

Synthesizers do what they do. You can build up something, then it disintegrates to silence. Never to be heard of again.

In light of this ephemeral nature, I shoot Hi-Def recordings of performances.

Initially, deconstructing further in a digital audio workstation was an excuse. But I don't care for that apology. I love turning knobs. I like how the synth looks on camera. I like how it sounds, and the energy evolves, then dissolves.

Synthesizers in Cinema Sound Design

Synths are there in music and film soundtracks. Classics like A Clockwork Orange, John Carpenter's Halloween, and Apocalypse Now.

The joy is getting lost chasing a sound. Ephermeral, because sounds may be overlapping other sounds. Waves gathering force, then once stopped, they may never return.

Advice given to me is record everything. Release everything: Licensed to Drone mixtape.

I find looking at the eurorack is relaxing. Creating sounds requires alertness. But watching the results- Visually pleasing to look at the Pittsburgh Modular.

Cheers, Anthony Torres / Licensed to Drone

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