Hi Anthony Torres

It took a pandemic to force my hand into social media solitaire.

Restaurants and Take Out

The shutdown was so fast that restaurants without an active site or email list were unable to communicate with their walk-in customers. A store front is great, but with no traffic…

No one was safe, mind you, so an email list could have zero effect if its caught in a spam filter.

Alas, the illusion of control is such that we persist with these ideas without questioning how they serve us. Or how we could be better served with an old idea.

Any advantage is an advantage. And the most basic game of search engine results could be gamed, still, but you still needed an online site.

“But this is not my business.”

Everything is your business. Or you’ll be out of business. There’s that hardline. Look how easily it’s erased by a pandemic. Illusion of control. Don’t be controlled by the illusion of control and its many counter productive quotes.

Or will you, really? Again, the illusion of control. This is a pandemic. Shame for blaming someone for their situation. If only…

Still, I can’t ignore that it’s 2020. It’s not enough to be clever.

What is the revenue avenue? What’s the reward? Is it worth the risk? Does it have a point?

Now I understand things differently. It’s never too late. Take in your information, and forgo any futurist’s predictions. Everyone is so much smarter than you until a pandemic pulverizes everyone down to the same human size.

It’s like milkweed. Caterpillars and aphids both feed on the same plant. One is not better than the other. They don’t feed off each other, so they can coexist.

“Here’s this place that not a lot of people know about”disappears when no one knows if it’s still open. The fixed cost of rent and upkeep, while forgotten by customers because you had forgotten to do what everyone expects- get their info and keep in contact.

Again, we could get by without an online presence, until all that was available was an online presence.

This is all outside looking in. And then introspection begins. Why am I not doing any of this?

I did not have an answer. So this is my answer.

A stern talking to from the wife-coach. What are you interested in now? Synthesizers and sleep. What is least complicated project name? My name. What is best social handle? My name.

Turns out no one bothered with HiAnthonyTorres. Instagram and Twitter were available. So I shifted a dead project that had zero followers and updated the names.

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